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What are the current special offers?

  1. 1. When a client with the Yearly Basic Plan upgrades to the MBA = 2 extra months and 8 Master Passes. Please contact customer support about this offer. There is no deadline for this offer.
  2. 2. If an MBA upgrades from a Premium or Supreme subscription to VIP, they can just pay the difference by sending a mail to customer support. The payment can be made either using the E-wallet or by bank transfer. There is no deadline for this offer.

How can I change the information on my MBA account?


You can change your email or your password directly from your backoffice. If you want to change your username or the personal data linked to your account, please contact the customer support using the form at the bottom of this page.

The country where I am registered is not yet listed in the payment list. How can I ask for my commission to be paid?


MB pays its MBA partners every week, in more than twenty countries, in euros, in dollars and in local currencies. We add new countries and new currencies to the list on a regular basis according to the international development of our business. If your country is still not listed in the “Payment preferences” in your backoffice, please contact us at team@masterbusiness.com or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. It generally takes 2 weeks to add a new country or a new currency to our international payment system.

What are the payment conditions for commission?


MB pays sales commission to its MBAs every week, between 00h01 UTC on Wednesday and 23h59 UTC on Thursday. To receive your commission, you should make your request before Tuesday 23h59 UTC. For payments in the Euro zone, the transfer commission is 1% and the money can take up to 2 working days to arrive on your account. For international payments, the transfer and exchange rate commissions, calculated through the market’s exchange rate on the website Morning Star are 1.5% and the money can take up to 4 working days to arrive on your account.

How do I go about asking for commission to be paid?


To ask for your commission to be paid, firstly you need to set up your transaction password. If you have not yet done this, here is a tutorial:

Tuto.FR.Configurez.votre.mot.de passe.de.transaction.pdf

Once you have correctly set up your transaction password, you need to indicate how you wish to be paid through your backoffice and proceed to payment. Here is a second tutorial:


If you need to, you can also contact us on team@masterbusiness.com or by using the form at the bottom of this page.


Which payment methods are accepted on Master Business?


All the subscriptions available on our platform can be paid for by credit card, from any country in the world. We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB (Japan Credit Bureau), Discover, Diners Club et China UnionPay (CUP).

Clients in the Euro Zone are debited in euros. Clients outside the Euro Zone are debited in US dollars.

The subscriptions can also be paid by bank transfer. Please refer to this document for further information.

How can I subscribe to Master Business as a business subject to VAT within the Euro Zone?


When you subscribe to Master Business, please check the box «business». You should provide your business contact details as well as your VAT number. Should your VAT number not be recognized by our system, please check that the number and your company name are correct. You can check the European database by clicking on this link.

How do I take out an MBA subscription?


To take out an MBA subscription, firstly you need to ask the MBA partner who invited you to send you the referral link. If you were not invited by an MBA partner, please contact us on team@masterbusiness.com or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You then need to choose your subscription and complete your payment on the page «Getting started», which is for MBA partners.

How do I take out a BASIC subscription?


To take out a BASIC subscription, please go to the page «Get started». Choose your subscription and proceed to payment. After finishing your subscription, you will receive your access codes by email and will be able to log in to your Academy.

How do I pay for my MBA subscription by bank transfer?


Credit cards often have limits and maximum authorized amounts which are not practical when paying on the Internet. To compensate for this, we accept payments by bank transfer for all MBA subscriptions. To pay for your MBA subscription by bank transfer, please send the money in euros to the MB Corporate account. Once we have received your payment, we will activate your account. You will find the bank details of the MB Corporate account in euros on the MBDrive: link to the MB Corporate bank details.

How can I give my ideas for improvement to Master Business?


We are always open to remarks and proposals from our community. In fact, it is one of our core values. If you would like to send an idea for improvement of our services, please contact us on: team@masterbusiness.com or by using the form at the bottom of this page. We answer each suggestion and take the large majority into account in our future developments.

I cannot find my access codes. What should I do?


Firstly, check in your email whether you had received an email from «team@masterbusiness.com ». Accept all emails coming from « team@masterbusiness.com » and also check your Spam folder. If you have not received an email with your access codes, there may have been a mistake in your subscription. Please contact customer support using the form at the bottom of the page and we will help you sort this out quickly.

Who is Master Business for?


Master Business is intended to be open to everyone. We believe that everyone can grow personally, professionally and financially. The subject areas of the programs are not just for certain professions of profiles of people. Whether you are a student, young, not so young, an employee, an entrepreneur, networker and even a coach, Master Business is the right choice for you.
With regards to the MBA program, our vision and philosophy have not changed. By using methods that have proved successful, everyone can generate online revenue through the e-learning market.

Why Master Business?


Master Business is the initiative of 2 ambitious French entrepreneurs, Chris Kalagan and Mehdi Moustaoui. Their vision is to allow as many people as possible to grow personally, professionally and financially through subscriptions which are accessible to everyone, and through international quality programs. Their mission is also to help thousands of independent entrepreneurs increase their income through the MBA program.

What is Master Business?


Master Business is an E-learning platform, with a Netflix-style subscription. Through a low-priced subscription, MB clients can access a whole catalog of online programs which have been produced with coaches, speakers, authors and experts worldwide. The topics are chosen to help our community grow personally, professionally and financially. The main topics that are dealt with are personal development, business and entrepreneurship, family and relationships, well-being and health, financial independence and spirituality.

MB also gives the members of its community the possibility to become an Ambassador (MBA) and have a sales/recommendation role within Master Business, either part-time or full-time. MB pays 60% of its turnover to the members of its community.


Do I need to invoice VAT to Master Business?


Companies registered in the European Union (except the UK)
If your company is registered within the European Union (except the UK), you should invoice Master Business amounts exclusive of VAT. You should not charge VAT. If your company is subject to VAT, you should indicate on the invoice «the reverse charge mechanism applies». As Master Business is a British company, it does not pay VAT to its clients, but directly to the relevant British administration. On your invoices, please indicate: «the reverse charge mechanism applies and VAT is paid for by the provider» (according to the article 283-2 of the General Fiscal Code).

Companies registered outside of the European Union
If your company is registered outside the European Union, you should invoice Master Business amounts exclusive of VAT. You do not need to charge VAT.

What is the invoice information for Master Business?


Please find below the invoice information for Master Business:
Company name: MB Corporate International LP
Adress: 101 Rose Street South Lane, EH23JG Edinburgh, UK
Company Number: SL034026
VAT number: GB354084404
Email: team@masterbusiness.com


Where can I find the contract between MB and its coaches?


All the conditions detailing the relationship between MB and its coaches are detailed in our «coach contract». You will find this contract in the section «MB Legal », which is available in the footer by clicking on «Legal information» or you can access it by clicking on this link.

What are the next steps once my application has been accepted?


If your application to be a coach is accepted, our editorial manager will assign a «Coach Manager» to you who will be in charge of preparing your program, of the filming of the program and its publication on the platform. The Coach Manager will contact you personally and be at your side throughout the whole process.

How can I apply to be a coach on Master Business?


Master Business receives applications from coaches every day. To apply, please go on to the page Become a coach and follow the instructions. We aim to reply to all applications within a timeframe of 2 weeks at the most.


Do you get a certificate after doing a Master Business Program?


The format of our programs is quite unique and our educational motto «Learn – Practice – Earn» is different from most traditional methods. Master Business does not have a certificate program for the moment, even though we envision to put one into place one day. Most of our coaches are certified, especially in the subject fields of psychology, nutrition, parental skills, etc. Coaches on the platform who are not certified have so much credibility, experience and success that these speak for themselves.

I am having trouble viewing the programs. What should I do?


Sometimes our users may have temporary issues with our player. In general, this is brought about by certain incompatibilities with Internet browsers. Our team of developers regularly update the software to improve our platform. If you have a problem viewing our programs, please log out from your account, then log back in. If the problems continue, please contact us at team@masterbusiness.com or by using the form at the bottom of the page. We deal with every single problem so our service is continually improved.

How can I become a MBA if I am already a client?


If you already have a BASIC subscription and you wish to become an ambassador for Master Business, please log in to your backoffice and click on the menu «Subscriptions». You can then choose one of our MBA subscriptions and update your status.

How can I change my bank card details?


You can change your bank card details at any time during your subscription. This is very useful if your card is expiring, or if it has been stolen or lost, etc. Please log in to your backoffice and click on the menu «Preferences», then « Payment preferences». You will then be able to input the bank details you wish to use to pay for your subscription.

FAQ - Changement de carte

How can I cancel my BASIC subscription?


It is easy to cancel your Master Business subscription. Once you log in to your backoffice, you can cancel your subscription in few clicks. From the navigation menu, click on « Subscriptions », then on « Subscription details ». Then click on the button « Cancel ». You will then receive a confirmation email and your subscription will have been automatically cancelled. You will continue to have access to your programs until the expiry date of your subscription and your bank card will no longer be debited. If you do not re-subscribe before 6 months is up, your account will be permanently disabled.

How to cancel subscription ?

How can I reset my password?


If you have lost your password or if you want to change it, please go to the page https://dash.masterbusiness.com and click on the link « Forgotten password? ».

Mot de passe oublié

Enter your username and confirm. A few seconds later, you will receive an email for you to reset your password. Click on the main link in this email. You will be redirected to your backoffice and you will be asked to create your new password. Confirm and the change will be made.

If you have forgotten your username, please contact our customer service at team@masterbusiness.com or send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

How can I receive an invoice for my payment?


To get an invoice for an individual or a company, please send your payment details to team@masterbusiness.com, or send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page.


If you did not find an answer to your questions, you can click on the following link to contact the support team directly.